Then National Championship Games will broadcasting on Cable, Satellite, and Smart Television! National Championship this Saturday July 23 and 24th. Check out the Televised Game schedule:

National Championship July 23 and July 24:

July 23:

  • Division 3 National Championship: Live Stream: 3pm ET: WFA YouTube, FTF Televised (delayed): Direct TV: 7pm ET NXT Channel 623
  • Division 2 National Championship: Live Stream: 6pm WFA YouTube, FTF 6pm ET. Televised (delayed) Direct TV: 10pm ET NXT Channel 623, ATT Channel 1665, Fios Channel 597

July 24:

  • Xenith All American Game: Live Stream: 1pm ET WFA YouTube, FTF Next 1pm ET. Televised (delayed): Direct TV: 9pm ET NXT Channel 623
  • Division I National Championship: LIve Stream: FTF Next 6pm ET. Televised Live: Direct TV: 6pm ET NXT Channel 623
Televised National Championship

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