WFA International Welcomes Colombia

The WFA is proud to announce the Federation of American Football Colombia has joined the WFA International Division.  With this partnership both FECOFA and the WFA will work together to field the first National Women’s Tackle Team to represent the country of Colombia.   

WFA International Welcomes Colombia

American Football has been played for over a decade in Colombia and in 2018 FECOFA selected their first men’s tackle National Team.  While women’s flag football has been prevalent in Colombia, with the help of the WFA, the FECOFA has it’s sight set on developing a women’s tackle program and it’s first Women’s National Tackle Team.

“The entire FECOFA staff has it’s full support behind their female athletes,” states Jeff King, WFA International Director, “ we are eager to offer our support to help them grow the game that our players love.”

“We are excited to start working with the WFA, “stated FECOFA Vice President, Aldolfo Jose Cardenas Araica, “to be able to share resources the WFA can provide to grow our game for the females is invaluable and we can’t wait to start building.”

About the WFA

The Women’s Football Alliance is the largest, longest-running, and most competitive women’s tackle football league in the world. With 60 teams and over 2,000 players, the WFA has created opportunities for women to compete and learn the game at the highest level. The professionalism and success of the WFA has been recognized by major corporate sponsors and it’s recent television network agreement with Eleven Sports will expand its audience reach across the country. For more information, visit

About the FECOFA

The FECOFA (Colombian American Football Federation) was created on July 28, 2008. FECOFA is recognized as the leaders in bringing together all those interested in the development of American football culture and practice in Colombia in all its forms. For more information, visit: