Name: Brian West
Nickname: Coach Bleep
Position:  Head Coach
Contact for Media Inquiry

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Age: 52
Birthday: June 19
Birthplace: Richmond, VA
College: George Mason University
Experience: 11 years coaching
High School: Lloyd C Bird HS
Occupation: System Administrator 10 years
Favorite Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers
College Sports: Track and Field
Other Sports played: Football and College Baseball
How/why you got into football: Coaching women’s football – a few women I coached in women’s flag football told me about this new team in DC that was playing tackle football. I showed up to watch, next thing I know I was coaching. . . 11 years later, still doing it!
Family: wife – Cathy; stepkids- Lance and Chase

— Earned my nickname “Coach Bleep” cussing at my players on the news
— Played backup QB in college for a year
— Was injured coaching a woman’s football game

In His Own Words:
My sports career consisted of 10 years of football through the level of high school, 16 years of Track and Field through college as George Mason University and one year of college baseball. I was inducted into both my high school and college sports hall of fame.

My family has always been heavy into sports for several generations. My generation is made up of five Track and Field high school Hall of Famers and four football Hall of Famers. Our latest generation is competing in track, basketball, swimming, tennis and soccer.

I started coaching women’s flag football. While coaching flag, a new sport was going nationwide with a team coming to DC. It was the DC Divas, a women’s tackle football organization. I went to the first practice to watch and ended up helping. Next thing I knew, I’d officially became a coach. I was there for four years helping to build the Divas basic structure to greatness. As I moved around, there were different women’s teams. I coached for two years in Orlando and two years for the Palm Beach Punishers, before moving back to Richmond. When the team started here in Richmond, I had heard about it from some of the other players I knew across the country and I was here from Day One as the assistant head coach. This year I was promoted to head coaching duties and ready to implement the things I learned over the years to build a solid legacy in Richmond.