July 15, 2020 (Exeter, Ca) – The Women’s Football Alliance is proud to announce that it has formed a first of its kind Women’s Football Coaches Alliance. This Coaches Alliance will provide direct communication avenues, educational tools, and standardization guidelines for WFA coaches and management.  It will also assist in organizing online and in person clinics for coaches.    The WFCA aligns with the WFA standard of excellence in developing the most competitive and successful women’s football organizations in the world. Under the direction of the leadership committee, the WFCA’s first priority will be to provide the necessary guidance, tools, education, and training to produce the highest level of coaching for WFA players. The second priority will establish a recruitment unit where teams and coaches can access a much larger pool of qualified coaching candidates for open positions.  For its third priority, the WFCA will offer a voice for WFA coaches to communicate with league administration about the direction of the WFA, as their experiences on the field are an invaluable asset for continued growth of the WFA and its teams.

“While the WFA already plays at the highest level of competition in the world, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop pursuing even greater excellence at the professional level,” stated Lisa King, WFA Commissioner.  “Each year we see an increase in not only athletic ability in our players, with many being Division 1 college athletes, but also the average number of years of playing experience continues to grow. The level of coaching needs to progress just as fast so players and teams are reaching their fullest potential.”